Let me get my boots on.

A year ago I, along with the rest of the country, was reeling from the election. The corrosive divisions among fellow Americans were terrible, and largely have remained so. A poet friend of a friend decided that, for the duration of this administration, he would post a poem a week. It was one thing he could do. I decided to follow suit, and every week for the last year I have posted a painting or a sketch on Face Book.

I have been humbled by the responses. From right, left, and center. I didn’t imagine my own art could be such a bridge, let alone what would come back to me by the sharing of it .

Art works. There is the work of making art, and then there is the work that the art does when released into the world. This blog is to further my art’s working.

It’s the rainy season in western Oregon. I often draw or paint outside, so that means the full winter regalia of boots, rain coat and rain pants. Let’s go.

Drawing with my boots on






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