Full Moon Through Snag

This is the week of the paschal moon, the first full moon following the spring equinox. Its brilliance startled me, shining through the stark branches of a snag. The tree may be dead, but it is full of life nonetheless. Easter is coming.

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  1. Thanks!

    Maybe you know this is the possible week of the 2nd full moon following the Equinox. Some of us climbed the Butte to watch the rise of the full moon last month on the day of the equinox. This is all causing quite a stir. After this “other Easter” is over some will gather to explore notes and research comparing to two events.

    My own research working outside during both weeks is that Easter was last month. I feel the viewpoint of the Nature Beings is neglected in this time of calculation.

    But, I did take some students up to Mt. Angel Sunday to experience Palm Sunday from that viewpoint. It was very beautiful, reverent and special. It led me to research, What is faith? Below is attached a lecture from Rudolf Steiner on the theme.

    All the best this Easter season and toward Whitsun, Chris


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