Dog days of summer.

August: Pollinators in the Mint

August is my least favorite month. At this point the golden summer that I could hardly imagine during the rainy wet winter has bleached out into a relentless glare. I have all the energy of an inside-out sock.

The last couple years I have begun to tackle August by challenging myself to daily look for something delightful to paint. These are tiny paintings, about the size of a playing card. And they are transformative for me—each day I awaken wondering what I will find to paint, and each day I am surprised at what I find.

This is our mint bed in full bloom, buzzing with bees, wasps, and such a profusion of pollinators that I never knew existed. No dog days of summer for this crowd!

I wonder what will be tomorrow’s surprise…?

2 thoughts on “Dog days of summer.

  1. Your painting almost makes me want to grow mint in the garden, so lovely. But mint tends to take over the landscape, so it will remain in its little pot and I’ll enjoy what could be in your artwork.


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